The Ai Tigli farmhouse offers a quiet stay near the Brenta Riviera and its villas, a stone's throw from the evocative and romantic Venice and its Lagoon, you can also admire lands of wildlife typical of the lagoon and the hunting and fishing places of once very suggestive, sometimes real villas, like the hunting lodge of Valle Zappa, and then heading into characteristic areas such as the mythological Chioggia.


Not to forget the ancient Padua, better known as the city of the three "WITHOUT" ...

The Saint
without name

In fact, St. Anthony of Padua, often all over the world, is simply called "Il Santo" as the name Antonio is understood.


In fact, the "Prato della Valle" which was the largest square in Europe up until a few decades ago was called "Prato" only as a name not having "grass" but bearing its name from ancient times

The coffee
whitout doors

The "Caffè Pedrocchi" is called the café without doors because it is said it was never closed neither day nor night, but also because the gallery at the back, now a pedestrian passage, was actually a covered street to facilitate the carriages of the characters that they reached the upper rooms for parties that were held giving them the opportunity to go down without wetting expensive clothes and accessing the upper rooms, then crossed by a road.

Probably only the Paduans and few other people know of a special record that their city can boast: having one of the largest squares in Europe!

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